Unique Oxy Aloe Oral Rinse Kit 8 Bottles and The Best Probiotic 60 caps (discount applied in Price)281,23Overgrowth of Candida Albicans
High Vitality EU Kit, 2 bottles each 989 ml. Liquid Multi Vitamins (discount applied in price)179,76A Unique combination of 120+ Nutrients in a Liquid Suspension Multi Vitamins.
Gold-Energy Support Kit, 1 bottle "High Vitaliy" 989 ml, Liquid Multi Vitamins, 1 bottle Liquid Minerals, 1 bottle Oxy Aloe Oral Rinse (discount applied in price)151,06"High Vitaliy" Liquid Multi Vitamins, LiquidDaily Essentials Minerals, Oxy Aloe Oral Rinse
High Vitality Oxy Flush Kit, 8 Oxy Aloe Oral Rinse bottles, 2 bottles High Vitality, liquid Multi Vitamins, 1 The Best Probiotic 60 caps. (discount applied in price)453,008 Liquid Oxy Aloe Oral Rinse, 1 The Best Probiotic 60 caps. 2 Liq. High Vitality - Multi Vitamins
Total Wellness Kit, 3 High Vitality, 8 Oxy Aloe Oral Rinse, 1 The Best Probiotic caps, 2 Best Immune Support, caps (discount applied in price)591,853 High Vitality, 8 Oxy Aloe Oral Rinse,, 1 The Best Probiotic caps, 2 Best Immu Support caps
Liquid Products RangePrice €Description
Essential Trace Minerals (946 ml)36,55Essential Trace Minerals
High Vitality (989 ml) 112,35UNIQUE Liq. High Vitality Multi- Vitamins.
Oxy-Aloe Oral Rinse (946 ml)39,93UNIQUE Oxy-Aloe Oral Rinse
Eucalyptus olie19,25Eucalyptus olie 100-500 ml
Rose water5,49Rozenwater 500ml
Super Nutrients RangePrice €Description
Max.Digestive Enzymes (90 caps)32,00Aids Digestive Process
EFA Omega 3-6-9 (96) caps)19,75Balanced Omega 3-6-9
Natural Calcium Support (120 caps)33,96Natural Calcium Support
Blood Sugar Support (90 caps)39,57Assits in reducing Glucose Craving
Best Immu Support (60 caps)43,03Immune Support
Complete Joint Support (120 caps)39,59Supporting joint and connective tissues throughout the body!
Best Heart Health (120 caps)42,44Cardiovasculor Support
The Best Probiotic (60 caps) 23,27Refloration Support
Stress Eze (120 caps)36,21Anti Stress Support
CholestEze (90 caps)43,00Assisting in controlling Cholesterol
The Best Slim Cleanse (60 caps)39,97The Best Slim Cleanse
Natural Anti-Inflammatory Support (90 caps)39,23Managing Chronic Inflammation
Natural Thyroid Support (60 caps)35,52Assiting under active thyroid function
Vit.C (250 caps) NOW38,50Soft capsules