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Todays highly dynamic and hectic lifestyle very often leads to a deficiency in vital vitamins and trace elements.
This is typically caused by frequently eating food containing Refined Carbohydrates, fast food or processed food that is often deprived of vitamins and vital nutrients. The industrial 'production' of vegetables and fruit does not help either, as the soil upon which these are grown is eventually void of essential elements.
To maintain good healt it is therefore necessary to provide the body not only with good and nourishing food, but also with essential vitamins and trace minerals.
Our unique liquid "Full Spectrum Supreme" product is specifically formulated to complement a healthy diet. It contains over 122 nutrients and trace minerals in liquid form at the correct pH level and in the right ratio and potency for the body.
If you are over 40 years old you may want to add our Bio Calcium product in capsule form.
Vitmin International also markets a number of specific products that may assist you like:
Digest Eze - Digestive Support
Joint Flow Capsules - Joint Support
and many more: check out our product list and click a product to see the details.

If you have a specific request please contact us for further information at or look at our total product range.
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