Natural Anti-Inflammatory Support (90 caps)
Nutritional Support for aches, pains, joint discomfort, and sports injuries. The more science learns about inflammation we come to realise that chronic inflammation is at the heart of many common health challanges. We all recognise the role inflammation plays in such conditions as arthritus, but what about other chronic conditions? We now know that conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, and even obesity are all linked to what is called SILENT INFLAMMMATION. Chronic inflammation is self-feeding, in that the longer the inflammation lasts, the more intense it often can become. Natural alternatives to anti-inflammatory drugs have been sought for many years and finally we now have a combination of all-natural factors that can manage chronic inflammation very effectively. Silent inflammation affects millions of people but because it is often not'felt' we are unaware of such slow dammage that it is causing to the body. If you suffer from such conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or prolonged obesity, is inflammation likely at work. New research shows that it is essential to control this SILENT INFLAMMATION in order to prevent permanent damage from these ilnesses. Dr K. Steven Whiting, Director of the Institute on Nutritional Science