Unique Oxy Aloe Flush Kit

Oxy Aloe Flush Kit 8 Bottles, 1 Megadoph (1 billion live Acidophilus Organisms per serving).

Assist in the treatment of overgrowth of Candida.

Stabilized Oxygen in a base of Aloe and Noni!

Oxygen is the most essential element for life. A lack of oxygen can contribute to many health challenges. This product increases oxygen to the living system of the body while providing the health and healing benefits of both Aloe Vera and Tahitian Noni.

This unique combination is available nowhere else. While there are several 'oxygen' products on the market, many utilize chlorine dioxide as a source of oxygen, which produces chlorine free radicals within the body.

We only use pure food grade stabilized oxygen, the same oxygen formulation currently in use in the largest wholistic hospitals around the world. This is the same formulation that has been successfully used in those facilities as part of a total program to manage a variety of chronic conditions, including cancer.

No other oxygen product has been tested and used longer!