The Best Probiotic:

Providing 14 billion Micro Flora per serving.

The natural, friendly bacteria of the body, normally residing in the colon, can often be easily disturbed and even destroyed.

Poor diets, made up of dead, lifeless foods, medications such as antibiotics, steroids, and birth control pills all rapidly destroy these healthy bacteria, setting us up for gastro-intestinal disturbance as well as opportunistic yeast infections such as candida and systemic candidiasis.This new formula is the best probiotic for women who are often prone to yeast infection. It is also the best probiotic for men because they consume primarily over processed foods.

By replacing the natural bacteria found in a healthy gut, we can ensure both enhanced digestion and elimination, both important in a healthy body.When considering probiotics for adults, choose one that offers both prebiotics as well as probiotics for maximum results. Our formula fits this requirement, making it the best probiotic!
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